A fish named Ichi

Visited Rocky Bay yesterday and took my son to the rock pool. He climbed on the rocks and played in a little puddle while I contemplated life and sat staring at the sea. Later when I told him we’ll have to get a move on, I immediately got a whiney, teary reaction: “I almost had a fish, but its tail just now slipped through my hands…” OK, I conceded, he could have another go at trying to catch a fish (with his hands – come on, what’s the chance?)

Lo and behold! “Mamma! I’ve got one!” I looked up to see him holding up a little fish by the tail. Please bear in mind that this is the same child (8) that does not climb on any jungle gym/slide/anything if there is a sign of cobwebs (because cobwebs is a sure sign of the biggest spider imaginable being close by). This is also the same child that would rather miss the chance to operate the spotlight on a night drive during our recent visit to the Kruger Park than be bothered by a few flying termites.

My first reaction was to try and convince him to throw the fish back, but he SOOOO wanted to show his father… (Yes, I do realise I’m a total pushover).

I felt a bit better about my choice when I heard him softly saying to the fish: “I am sorry, Fishy. I do not really want you to die, but I REALLY want to show The People” (his father and our host).

This poor fish was photographed in different positions, prodded and poked with a stick in the mouth (to see its teeth and the colour of its blood and its heart…) But once the red blood became visible, the poking fortunately stopped and we went to throw Fishy back into the sea.

On our way back Fishy became “Ichi” (pronounced “Itch” – Japanese for “one”) because it was the first fish he ever caught by hand. Next time, I was told, we’ll take a plastic bag with so that the fish could be taken home. But I got the distinct feeling he might only want to prolong the next catch’s life so that he could feed it to his beautiful (and carnivorous) Siamese fighter fish that he got as a present a few days ago…


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. sanette
    Jan 11, 2011 @ 09:12:45

    You go dude! Fishing by hand is no small feat!


  2. Ursula
    Jan 11, 2011 @ 12:17:21

    Next time he should bring proper goggles then he can see and fish better…


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