From dishes (and facebook photos) to pedaling bicycles

I didn’t, did I? Mention dishes and facebook photos as if they were equal? In a previous blog, I made that mistake. Because they’re not, you know. At least doing the dishes make you feel better and generate some positive energy. The same can not be said about facebook photos. 🙂

Talking about energy: There was an article in Die Burger yesterday about a genome expert jokingly saying that “fatties” should be punished by having to pedal bicycles so that they could at least generate energy. It was only mentioned in passing that humans’ biological evolution stopped 100 000 years ago. The implication of this was not spelled out, though. Let me spell it out: if us “fatties” were living 100 000 ago, we would have had one up on all you thin people out there. We would be (thin) and alive  – you probably not so much (alive, I mean).

Fatties are judged by people to be sloppy, to have no self-control, to be poor employees – heck, I judge fat people too, and I am fat. But we judge ourselves too. And with so much judgement passing our way, no wonder most of us are constantly trying to get that skinny bitch on the inside out (although “skinny bitch” have more negative connotations for me than “fat cow”).

And who ever came up with the idea that losing weight is a good thing? If something is lost, you go looking for it until you find it again, not so?

And what’s the deal with average. How can people be calculated as averages if no two people are the same?

I have had days when the weight thing didn’t bother me as much, when I focussed on how I felt inside and how what I ate influenced my mood.

But then I have to buy some exercise clothes (after having lost weight) and there is still nothing in my size…

Then I open the newspaper and am categorized as a transgressor, an offender, a delinquent, a lawbreaker…

I am harassed by advertisements of a bombardment of products that promise weight loss featuring slim sexy girls in bikinis… (yeah right – how thin do you need to be before you start using the product?)

And the only sure coping mechanism I have against these attacks (the same mechanism that has proven its worth to my ancestors 100 000 years ago) is the one thing that is not helping. You know? Food.

PS: Ag, I realise I’m being very subjective here and that I’m myself simplifying something that is not a simple issue at all. But I had to say something. And for the record: I do not mind having to pedal the bicycle. What I do mind is this genome expert’s/journalist’s lack of insight: The genome research is presented in an abstract manner with a quick side joke about fatties, without acknowledging that the two things are in fact related.


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