Doing the work to be the ball

I’ve come across this idea long ago in Cheryl Richardson’s Life Makeovers: that in order for you to achieve something, like say, getting to your goal weight, you have to BE a slim person. You need the habits and characteristics and qualities of a slim person to become one.

She likens it to checking under the hood. When we plan to go somewhere, we decide where we want to go, we check the map, but often we start out with our journey without making sure that our vehicle will get us there. We don’t check under the hood. In the same way we have to look inside ourselves when embarking on a journey of whatever kind. Most often “we focus on what needs to get done without looking at who we need to become in order to get there”.

For some reason this reminds me of a scene in an animated movie about ants where the ants form themselves into a ball and chain and the weak-link ant anxiously reminds himself to be the ball. Be the ball actually implies that you should stop thinking and do things instinctively. Others seem to link it with visualising something – preferably holding it in your hands, because when you have it in your hands, it’s closer and therefore more important.

But maybe ball is not the best metaphor for a weight-related goal?

Let’s rather go to taiko.
After our Summer Party we’re now focussing on technique. Hours and hours (I’m exaggerating, of course) of don-do-kos in various configurations, how to hold the bachis correctly, how to stand correctly, how to jump…

Painful now, but you just wait till next year’s Summer Party. We will all be smiling comfortably during the fast part of Shimafu-uchi drumming instinctively without thinking (as opposed to this year’s grimacing and praying that nobody notices I’m not actually playing all the beats).

Point is: if I want to be a better player, if I want to be able to be the ball/bachi :-), I have to do the work. If I want to reach whatever goal, I need to do the work that will get me there.

By the way, rather than focusing on the frightening images and bad news from Japan, join us in sending positive vibes to Japan: We’re letting the power of the drums talk by beating the drums with the intention of sending positive energy to Japan. Learn more about using the power of group mind to send Divine Love to Japan here.


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