They get taxi drivers to adapt to them – how could they not touch me?

Had the opportunity to attend a (Funakoshi International SA) karate class at the Blue Rock Dojo in Sir Lowry’s Pass Village. Senpai hubby (meaning he’s a brown belt) [and if you want to get technical: there are 3 brown belts, he is on the third and lowest level – so am I] teaches a beginner’s class Saterday mornings. It was a humbling experience but also energising.

While waiting outside the community library, where the training takes place, we noticed a lot of children playing outside in the streets. Here when you wake up before the rest of the household, you go outside. We forget how privileged we are. Having your own bed/room is something most of us take for granted. Here, taxis (yes, those same &@# ones that cut into traffic) drive slowly and patiently to give the children chance to get out of the way.

The children are eager to learn. They might joke around a bit, but their eyes are watchful and aware.

Our time perspectives are not synchronised, though. 🙂 The class is supposed to start at 9:00, but the key to unlock the gate and the students might only pitch up at 9:15, and some even 10 minutes before the end of class. One or two might even excuse themselves halfway through because they have to go eat breakfast, and then come back later.

I have to admit that I were reluctant to go at first. What do I have to offer, after all? I do karate for me – I seem to be more anxious when I’m not doing karate . I am not so clued up with terminology, names of katas or the curriculum, for that matter. Now that I’ve been there, though, I feel inspired and reassured that I have something to contribute, even if it only touches/changes one child in some small way. What I do know, is that my life will surely be touched and changed by them.


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  1. sanette
    Mar 23, 2011 @ 08:25:53

    AMEN sister, you will definately be touched and changed by them!


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