Right Brain’s ego took a knock or two

Oh heavens. I took the leap last Wednesday: submitted the first draft of the research proposal. And I just received back the first batch of comments.
Now I wonder whether people whose work I’ve edited feel the same way as I do now: a bit deflated :-).
There are things that I agree with, things that I noticed after I’ve sent in the proposal. There are things that I did not think of that should be added. And then there are things that I really thought about, which should be left out. And some of my reasons for doing things need some firmer scientific foundation…
Interestingly enough I recently read a blog about editing your own work.
Writing is supposedly done by the right side of the brain and the editing part by the left side of the brain. Therese Walsh suggests the following to make sure the right brain does not throw her toys out of the cot when the left side starts suggesting and making changes:

  • Create a safety net by keeping the original and working on a copy.
  • Start big by focusing on big blocks of text rather than messing with the words.
  • Comment rather than delete.
  • Print out and use loops, circles and visual aids.

In this way I will obtain Right Brain’s approval of Left Brain’s unexpected creative streak and the rework will be acknowledged as an improvement…

Fortunately for me a) I have my safety net and b) the reviewer of my proposal adhered to starting big and commenting rather than deleting. But Right Brain is still a bit offended because she didn’t think of everything herself. 🙂


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