Osu: The moral of the story is morale

You know some days just about anything happening with you can be converted into another lament. And you manage to get yourself deeper into a downward spiral… Well, the good news is that I managed to put on the brakes. How? I forced myself to go to the karate class last night. Now, don’t get me wrong. I have a great sensei, the classes are always varied and fun, and I usually feel better about myself and life afterwards. BUT, sometimes it’s just easier not to go. Because we’ve only just gotten home. Or the food is not ready yet. Or I’m tired. Or what ever.

Even though our bodies have been designed to deal with exercise and hardships (remember the human gene is slow to change), I suspect, we’ve also been designed not to expend unnecessary energy. And sometimes our brains tell us that we would be utilising unnecessary energy if we make the effort to go and exercise. Ag, OK, maybe it’s just my brain. Even so, I’m glad I went.

Nothing about the things that I lamented about, changed. But after the exercise they no longer seem like the last straw on the camel’s back. Now the straw isn’t even a factor. Why is that? I don’t really know.

It might have to do with those endorphin thingies that you get after 40 minutes exercise. This might be one of those things that also only applies to me. I don’t get the same kick out of 30 minutes of exercise even if I do it at a higher intensity.

Or it might be a combination of having to concentrate on executing the same moves with the left and right side of the body; balance in four-way kicking; and focus on remembering the sequences of the grading forms.

Whatever it is, I could really feel the difference in my mood afterwards. What I experienced was a lift of morale.

Morale is a basic sense of satisfaction with yourself, a feeling that there is a place in the world for you and an acceptance of what cannot be changed in your life.
(Raj Persaud in Staying Sane)

Morale is courage, persistance, fighting spirit, selfconfidence. This is what karate teaches me.


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