What? Where? When? Why? How? Breaking out of patterning

Having committed myself to posting once a week, I am now reaching a point where I often don’t know what to write about. I mean: how often can I tell you I enjoy Taiko and step and karate; that I sometimes feel I should work on my weight and other times not so much; that I’m working towards a PhD, but sometimes experience bumps along the way… before you get bored? Been there, done that …

And reciting something that happened with my son, may only be interesting (if at all) to close family… [We totally overslept this morning, being the first day back to school. We got up ten minutes before we usually start driving to school. I was amazed to find that we got everything that we usually do in 30 minutes done in 10 minutes. But “Good morning, Mom; good bye Mom” with a quick hug isn’t exactly quality time spent…]

Being forced to re-evaluate my morning routine to get everything done as fast as possible, made me realise that we sometimes get trapped in our habitual ways of doing (and thinking). Sometimes it’s good habits: like not having to think about going to the bathroom, brushing teeth, etc.; freeing up space in the brain to distinguish between what really must be done and what can be left out.

Our brains seek out patterns, and then run along those patterns. We might think we’re thinking, but we’re just moving in the groove… We sometimes need to step outside those patterns and shake things up a little.

How, you ask? Justine Musk recommends a spirit of inquiry. She says:

Questions are powerful tools. By choosing what to ask and how to ask it, you frame – or reframe – what you’re looking at. Questions open up new avenues … They focus — and expand — your attention. They get your mind moving (since the brain has a compulsive itch to answer any question you put to it).
Questions rebel.
Questions disrupt.
Questions don’t allow us to take things for granted.

So here’s a question from Albert Einstein to get you started :-):

Am I or are the others crazy?


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  1. Ursula
    May 03, 2011 @ 22:57:27

    Hi Deirdre,

    don’t get stressed if you can’t blog every week. And as I told you… Life is much easier if YOU are crazy and not the others… So lets go mad 🙂


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