Shit happens

I’m very much in the Forrest Gump “Shit Happens” mode right now.
I’ve had a hectic month or so, with unexpected work that turned the holidays into working days and me juggling my available time to fit everything in that needed doing. I thought I handled it quite nicely. I ate relatively healthy, I did not focus exclusively on work and still managed to fit in step and karate classes and even a social event or two. And I managed to make the deadlines and was feeling rather chaffed with myself because I would be able to take Saturday off for our karate exercise camp (gushuku).
I didn’t bargain on getting sick. It’s never nice to be sick when you have things to do. And then when you miss out on things and the ensuing rewards… well, don’t talk to me about “when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade or ask for salt…” (I don’t like lemonade and I don’t do tequila).
This gushuku was the first one that I weren’t dreading beforehand, by the way, because I thought to myself that this time I’m relatively fit, I’m mentally relatively strong and our senseis are relatively human :-). Bomber. The gushuku ended up being a grading as well. Those who participated advanced to their next belt.

What bad timing I had in getting sick. And why did I have to go there in the afternoon? Should I have rather stayed in bed the whole day? Wouldn’t it have been better to hear about it when hubby and son came home?
Me being me, of course, I mentally went in search for the reason why. Why have I become sick now? What did I do wrong? Should I not have done this/that/etc.? What is the lesson here?
Me, also being me, then went on to consume my provisions (purchased for a 9-5-day filled with varying degrees of physical hardship/exercise)…

I really want to believe that the lesson here for me is plain and simple: shit happens. Nothing good or bad about it. It just is. (Please don’t burst my bubble if you think/know otherwise.)

But to make life easier for myself and the two men having to cope with me on a day-to-day level, I’ll focus on the positives:

  • I got to see my son’s face when he heard that he’s now a brown belt III.
  • I still have a mainly white gi. (My karate clothes were spared the rough-and-tumble session in the mud. Don’t remind me about the two other former white gis that I have to clean, I’m focusing on the positives, OK?)
  • I got to be a member of the paparazzi for two hours (I’ll never accuse hubby of being trigger happy again. And bargain! This time there won’t be a nasty photo of me popping up on Facebook, touch wood!)

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