About pushing through the dip and what MY mother says…

I don’t think the word dip quite captures the essence of the phenomenon: negativity, chaos, denial, etc.
The word actually seems very neutral and almost evokes a sense of camaraderie (but it might just be further proof that food is always on my mind, you know, like chips and dip?).

I believe I’m solidly in a dip and sommer on a large scale (but of course, it may also be the ‘flu talking – still with me and now also infected my son).

I don’t find Seth Godin’s book on the subject very motivating (and I can’t seem to find his book right this instance to give you a definition of dip). But maybe it is because I don’t want to make the hard decisions, like maybe stop working and re-evaluate choices …
He advocates that one should know when to quit and when not to. Because if you can get past the dip, you could end up being the “best in the world” of what ever you’re dipping through, because most other people are going to quit.
On the matter of quitting, he advocates planning beforehand to not have to quit: don’t start with things that you don’t intend to work through the dip for.

All good and well. But since I’m not feeling good and well, I’ll try to stick with Cheryl Richardson’s advice about good mothering, at least for today.
She says you know you’re a good mother to yourself when you:

  • Send yourself outside to play in the fresh air and sunshine on a regular basis.
  • Give yourself a nap or put yourself to bed before you feel overtired.
  • Share things like household chores with other family members or extra projects with co-workers at your job.
  • Prevent stomach aches (and negative self-talk) by stopping yourself from overeating when you feel full.
  • Give yourself regular treats like an afternoon movie or a sleepover with a good friend.
  • Take a “time out” when you feel frustrated, angry, or impatient so you can settle down and think clearly.
  • Speak gently to yourself when you’ve made a mistake.
  • Reassure yourself that everything will be okay when you get scared or when you feel lonely.
  • Remind yourself to be kind, not only to others, but also more importantly, to yourself.

My “mother” says: No pushing, working or leaning through any dips today, and that’s final.


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