Stress management 101: solve the problem or wait patiently

Apparently there are two strategies to handle stress. One is focusing on the problem and doing something about the problem. The other is sitting tight, not getting upset and patiently waiting for others to change the situation.
Three guesses which strategy do I use?
Hint: I’m not one of those people using the strategy with the word “patiently” in it.

When I first read about these strategies, I had the audacity to think that MY strategy was the better one. And for work it often is.
BUT: Fact is that not all problems can be “action-ed” away. I think I can explain why having and raising a child was/is so stressful for me.
I want to do things to change bad/negative/sad/hard situations. But sometimes all a situation needs is time to resolve itself: When you fall from your bike, you need some time to, maybe, cry a bit, re-evaluate your knowledge about what happens when you stop pedalling and not put your foot down, maybe get a plaster stuck on the eina, and then tentatively go and try again.
Here it would be best if a mother could “patiently waiting for someone else to change the situation…”
But no! I want to tell him how to do it, and then he must just do it. No falling, no getting use to the idea of balancing. Just doing. OK?

I think I have to admit that MY strategy is not working all that well in the real world outside of work.


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