On leaking toilets, overflowing cups and so on

OK, so mindfulness is supposed to be the accepting, nonjudgmental and deliberate awareness of experiences as they happen when they happen.

I don’t know. Mostly because “mindfulness” so aptly describes my state of mind at the moment: FULL.

Water is seeping through from the upstairs bathroom into the kitchen down below. Counter emptied and covered with newspapers and black plastic bags, floor covered in newspapers, soaked with water (I’m just going to give you one clue: “toilet”) and white dripping glue (due to an attempt to rectify the leakage).

Hubby is leaving for Germany tomorrow. Stuff that need to be sewed… stuff that must be packed … scattered throughout the house…

A guest is coming to visit while hubby is away. Bedding washed but not yet dry, tomorrow it will be raining again…

Received second attempt of research proposal back. Is this really worth the effort? This second version has even more comments than the first.

Bicycles that have been stolen two weeks ago have been replaced courtesy of Outsurance. Huge boxes in living room, one bicycle assembled, two to go … Son helped very enthusiastically with assembly, not so keen on riding it, though. [Why? I loved riding bicycle as a child. Feel like a bad mother: how could I not have imparted this love to my child?]

My mind-FULL-ness is also reflected in waterworks being turned on and off and on… As they say: in order to change/learn, empty your cup… I’m fully embracing this concept:-).


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ria
    Jun 22, 2011 @ 22:10:06

    I so recognize what you are saying…
    wish we could talk…

    It will get better… for sure…

    sending you lots of love…XXX


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