Hit and run Taiko in Gordon’s Bay

Tamashii Daiko had a phenomenal evening Friday night. We performed at three venues in Gordon’s Bay as part of the Winter Wonderland Festival – our “hit and run” series :-). We played and then packed up all nine drums and stands to move to the next place. People came from their houses, crossed the street and those driving past stopped to watch us. It was very cold, but we surely warmed things up!

I am starting to get used to performing now and really like informal settings as on Friday – I don’t feel as scared of making a mistake to mess up the visual and auditory impact of a performance. And maybe the darkness played a role too.

But there’s just something about making music together. Of course it helps that I don’t find my mind being totally blank about what part of the piece we’re playing at that moment, with no idea of what comes next. I’ve started to feel it in my bones, I suspect, although I still miss a beat or two sometimes when my mind starts wandering and I’m not totally focussed on playing. I have to admit to also missing a beat or two when the tempo starts to go beyond my skill level, but I hope I am keeping my cool and acting as if I’m supposed to do exactly what I am doing at that specific point in time :-D.

The children in the audience were quite amazing. Children don’t hide their excitement, some even started clapping their hands as soon as we started playing, smiling. And when they heard we would be playing at another venue as well, it was the children that got their parents to take them there as well.

Playing the Japanese drums is great fun, but playing to an appreciative audience is totally invigorating! Yes-say!


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