Conference taiko – a different lamb on the spit

So, we had this big gig at an agricultural conference this week. I am still battling with some negative emotions regarding the performance, because I made a lot of mistakes and I didn’t feel a connection with the audience.

Not that it was the audience’s fault. My thoughts were with the cramp in my left foot, trying not to grimace, and then trying to figure out where we were in the piece. Famous last words: I recently boasted that I don’t find myself in that type of situations any more… Obviously people show their appreciation, or lack thereof, in different ways and I knew, even before I started playing taiko myself, that not everybody like Japanese drumming.


With our informal performances the other day, we could see that the audience enjoyed our playing because they came closer. They smiled widely. They clapped hands enthusiastically. They wanted more. They came and tell us we were awesome. We felt their energy.

With our more formal performance this week we could see that the [much bigger] audience enjoyed our playing, I suppose, because they turned their chairs to look at us. Some recorded us with their cell phones. They clapped. Some smiled. Some covered their ears. We got paid.

And we got fed. That lamb was quite something, not to mention the pumpkin fritters! Yum!


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