Words. Words don’t come easy? Maybe they come too fast.

Strange how people misuse words.
“No, I’m fine,” when everything is NOT fine.
“Come visit us at our huisie [little house],” and then it’s the biggest mansion you’ve even seen.

Although sometimes our imaginations fill in the details around the words that we hear: “There’s two BIG armchairs in the living room.” So how big do YOU think the living room is?

I also seem to attract a lot of people inviting me [I thought sincerely] for tea or coffee: “We MUST make a plan and have coffee,” and then just never seem able to fix a date or a time.
Of course, I’ve also been invited for a meal and then found out from others that my would-be hosts were going away that evening/afternoon. Twice.

So why is it sometimes so difficult to distinguish when people are just saying the words and when they are actually meaning it?
Is my social skills really so out of whack?
I don’t know.
Maybe I’m drawn to the study of words of stories in different languages precisely because I misinterpret words in social settings. Words are not like maths. 1 = 1. But a word does not always mean what you think it means.


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