Dare to be different

I started out this post with the idea that it takes courage to be different. But I got to thinking that when we dare to be different we are, in effect, daring to be ourselves.

We’re all born with our own talents and interests and inclinations. But somewhere along the way, most probably in school, some of us learn that it’s best to fit in and not stand out. To conform. To be the same. To not be different.

Even though it is our differences that help us contribute to life. It is precisely because nobody else thinks entirely the same as you, that makes your question or recommendation valuable.

We tend to compare ourselves continuously, no matter that there will always be someone better or worse than us. But then, as no one is exactly alike, what is the basis of our comparisons?

Dare to be yourself. Not a half-baked, one-sided version of yourself to accommodate other people. Dare to be intensely yourself. (I’ve borrowed this idea from Cara Stein).


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