Butterflies beware: I’m changing course

The very first move in our first kata is a sharp movement of the head to the left, looking to see what our imaginary attacker is up to. Focus! the sensei would tell us, and then Block! Punch! Kamae

In this instance, of course, it is presupposed that you’ve already become aware of your immediate environment and that the most imminent danger is indeed coming from the left.

So by focussing to the left, I’m saying Yes! to the fight coming from the left and No! (be it temporarily) to the possible fights coming from the other directions.

Just as in real life. When we focus our attention on something, we are in fact not only saying yes to that thing, but in effect no to other things. [Some people refer to this as the opportunity cost.] By focussing on that one thing, you take away time and money and presence from other possibilities. Which bring us to why it is sometimes so difficult to focus our attention on just one thing.

In my case, I suppose, it’s the PhD I’ve been considering. In an effort to get motivated, I’ve read Seth Godin’s The Dip and worked through some dips of my own. I’ve shipped. Not once. Twice. I’ve delivered two acceptable research proposals (in six month’s time) that needed only a little bit of tweaking before official registration. But a) I didn’t (and don’t) want to do the tweaking and b) I don’t really want to say no to other things. Like reading popular psychology books, for one. I’m now being open to the idea that maybe this is not the time for my PhD.

While hubby was away on his travels, I consciously looked to doing things that I thought I couldn’t do and that was a bit scary, like having a sleep-over visitor for three weeks, making fire, braai-ing, and doing a road trip to a location more than half an hour’s drive away from home. 🙂

I think it’s good to do things that awaken the butterflies in your tummy. That’s how you know you’re alive. Neither of the two proposed topics of my research proposals did anything to the butterflies…


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ria
    Aug 05, 2011 @ 10:45:44

    I wish my English was better… so that I could tel how much your words mean to me…
    thank you very very much for sharing…

    you are so right… life is way to short… we have to go for the butterflies…



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