What does your clothing say about you?

Have you ever noticed how some groups of people tend to dress similarly? Or wear their hair the same style? Or fold their scarves the same way? You can see what I mean here. Look at the photos under Series.

I attended a function where everyone was dressed in trousers with overcoats (in various colours), boots, some kind of indication of their individuality – beret/jewellery/hair with stand-out colours – and a BIG handbag. Creative Type that is also a Mom.

According to my clothing, I could not be classified as one of them. At a similar function the previous year, I remember “dressing up” in trousers with a brown overcoat and colourful scarf, with a rather big bag. Because after all, I AM a creative type that is also a mom. But I didn’t feel as if I belong last year. This year I didn’t feel as if I don’t belong, despite the clothing. Maybe it is because I started feeling more at home in my own skin. 🙂

I nevertheless went home and took a good hard look in the mirror. Denim plus t-shirt/jacket with some kind of karate figure/branding, tackies (we call running shoes tackies/têkkies in SA), smallish bag worn in such a way that the hands are free. Could this be the local version of The Female Martial Artist? They come in all shapes and sizes: short-and-round included, thank you very much.

So in what category does your clothing put you today?


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