Create yourself!

So I’ve found that I simply love doing collages and in the process of doing some cutting and pasting (and then often painting over it!) that sometimes you come to a point where you just want to throw your work away or scratch it and start fresh.
I’ve gone through this process four times now: starting with a very basic idea of what I wanted to do, cutting and pasting different materials, painting over it, wanting to throw it out, painting over everything or only some bits and somehow ending up with something that I am satisfied with.

Now I hope to transfer this ability to go with the flow – of living with the uncertainty of not knowing exactly what the end product is going to look like and somehow working through that icky stage – to real life.

George Bernard Shaw said
Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

Locked into these words is the permission to sometimes mess up. To spill over. To not be satisfied with what you’ve got. To go with your hunches on the best way to proceed. Even when the hunch turns out to be in the wrong shade of colour.

Here’s to creating your best last week of 2011!


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