Decisions, decisions: act against fear and break down the walls

Even though Kelly Rae Roberts’ advice on facing your fears in Taking flight is aimed at artists, I’m pretty sure that it has a wider application in life:

She warns that we will only see any potential progress when we make a clear decision and commitment to “our creative endeavours” or let me substitute that with that thing(s) that we’re scared of doing but want to do.

After the decision and commitment, we need to take a small step: We often tend to not start with something, because we think we need to take some bold leap into uncertainty. We just need to take action in spite of our fears. A small step from where we are today. Nothing too intimidating.

“By taking action, you attract to your life the same mindful intention you put into it.”

When we take action against fear we also embrace the notion of unlearning: unlearning old negative behaviour, and

“breaking down the walls we’ve built to keep us safe until we see ourselves as we did when we were eight years old: brave, curious, alive.”

Small steps continously in the right direction…


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