I know a few things [*wink*wink*]. Or: time-management, reading and sore eyes.

So I’ve been overusing and straining my eyes and battling with red, itching, dry and sore eyes since last weekend. Turn out I have a growth on the right eye due to dryness. After an (imaginary) scare of “I’m losing my eyes! What am I going to do without my eyes!” I now know three things:

1. I know why my friends’ houses are always so clean compared to mine.

I have figured it out! They don’t read when there’s house work to be done… I, on the other hand, don’t do the house work and only then, when everything’s good and clean, open a book. No! I HAVE a book/something to read. Therefore, I WILL NOT BE DOING any cleaning, thank you very much!

2. I know that the statement “You can never read too much” does not apply to me. I can and certainly do, read too much.

At any one time, there are at least three books in the process of being read next to my bed.
Also a book on Kindle.
Then there are the countless subscriptions to blogs. [Yours might have been one of the twenty that I unsubscribed from… Sorry. It’s for the health of my eyes…]
Then, since I still intend to do that blasted PhD someday, there are also two books in the process of being summarized…
And news on zite (application on ipad)…
And then of course, my work also entails focussed reading (and typing and rereading…)
And I can’t bake without reading the recipe
And facebook…
and ….
and …
and …

3. I know that I’ve been using reading and watching tv as “not facing reality” mechanisms.

[And there I was, thinking that food was my main avoidance mechanism…]

Since I now consciously choose not to take a break from work and then fill it with watching tv or reading something else (or doing anything that puts a strain on the eyes), I find I sit around a lot more, doing nothing… and then having great ideas! Of working smarter, or example. And of things to do, and then finding long lost spectacles… [Still haven’t found my pincushion, though. Planning some alterations on some blouses, although it might also be classified as eye-intensive labour :-).]


My eyes still experience the occasional strain and my house is still not as clean and sparkly (in comparison).
Funny thing, though, I feel a lot less drained at the end of the day. And time doesn’t seem to fly as much. 😀


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