Here’s the first step

Too much positive feedback seems to have immobilised me with this second post after the l-o-n-g break. I’ve decided to follow Napoleon Hill’s advice to face this uncertainty:

Here’s the first step: Start right where you are. Go as far as you can see. When you get there you will see even further.
– Napoleon Hill

So here I am. I showed up. What can I see?

I can see that my perspective in life is everything. Rory Sutherland’s TEDtalk [] in Athens provided the inspiration for this idea: Things are not what they are. Things are what we think they are and what we compare them to. Wayne Dyer, in his book on intention, basically says the same thing: if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change.

How to do this? I found the easiest way to manage this shift of perspective is to look for something that I am thankful for in what ever circumstance it is that is pulling me down.

As easy as that. Gratitude. Gratitude reframes your perception of your environment and provides a positive context or lens for you to look at your situation.

What can I see further?

I can see further that even though I’m of the glass half full type (and I don’t like the colour or the taste), I acknowledge that I’m grateful that I do, in fact, have a glass.


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