Spoiler alert: First-world problem! Your password is incorrect.

Look, I really enjoy the electronic age in which we live. I love accessing all sorts of information from the comfort of my own home. And I love the immediacy of it all. I type in the book I want in the search box, click and click and voilà! I can start reading. No waiting in line at the library or book shop for me, thank you very much.

But you know. Every often a site that I visit for the first time wants a user name and a password. And for some reason (I’m pretty sure they have the best of intentions!) they don’t want to accept my trusty old password – the one that is easy to remember and consists of 5 letters and 1 number. No way! You have to come up with a more complex password: they will not let you in the door with a “good enough” password. No sir! (How do you spell “No sirree/sirrey/sir-e?)

You need a variety of alphanumerical digits and capitals and lower case and one of these days I suppose you’ll have to input your thumb and tongue print too!

Being of an impatient nature, I then proceed without writing down that new complex password. And by the time I visit that site again, I have forgotten their preference for complexity.

Have you heard about the old lady that uses the password “incorrect”? Because when she types in the wrong password, the computer tells her:

Your password is incorrect.

I can think of a few options to complexify “incorrect” 🙂







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