Make stuff you love…

Just finished reading Austin Kleon’s book Show your work. He’s also the author of Steal like an artist, a book I haven’t read. I thought I needed more encouragement in the showing my work side of things than in the stealing side of things. Kleon says this book is for people who hate the very idea of self-promotion!

I have found with my “experimentations” with creativity, that it’s hard to show my work to others. [Especially when you make something for someone as a gift and you’re not sure they’ll like it. Or worse, someone asks you to make something for them based on something else you made… To be the cause of unmet expectations…]

But our job is not to worry about what others think about our work. Our job is to do the work. (I’m pretty sure Julie Cameron said it in one of her books on creativity.)

Kleon says it’s better to contribute something than to contribute nothing.

“Just do the work that’s in front of you.” Austin Kleon

When it’s finished, evaluate without too much introspection what you could have done differently or better and go on to your next project. Keep it going. He argues that you should share some of your work every day. Of course, the idea is that you are in fact creating something every day. In this way you are building up your body of work. Become good at what you do.

“Being good at things is the only thing that earns you clout or connections.” Austin Kleon

“Make stuff you love and talk about stuff you love and you’ll attract people who love that kind of stuff. It’s that simple.” Austin Kleon


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