Hi! I’m Deirdré.

I started writing in 2011 as “singing warrior” because at that stage I took singing lessons (now I only sing in the car) and did karate (got the black belt) and I found out that DRE, the last part of my name, means warrior.

DEIRDRE in its full form means raging, broken-hearted, sad and sorrowful, and since I was trying to focus on the positive and having courage and being open to experiences, I felt the warrior part resonated better with the whole blog idea.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get away from the meaning of my name and basically spent the next two years being largely and thoroughly DEIRDRE.

I am exaggerating a bit.

My mom passed away beginning 2013. She deteriorated very quickly after being diagnosed with cancer in the second half of 2012. [I’m still raging against and irritated with the whole concept of “battling with cancer” though, for reasons I can’t seem to verbalise.] But I do believe the sorrowful and raging parts of my warrior are now in balance.


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  1. Trish Pentecost
    May 08, 2011 @ 11:16:10

    It seems our intentions for 2011 are very similar. I am determined to enjoy life and not let fear hold me back. And when the lemons appear, I will see the positive side. With a little help! I have also decided that food will not be my enemy anymore, weight is just a number and does not define me.


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