You can really count on dishes and facebook photos of yourself…

I read somewhere that you can always count on the dishes. They’ll be there when big things happen, and they’ll be there when nothing much happens in your life. The dishes won’t let you down.

I found it interesting that Ann Marie Woodall refers to the virtues of a clean kitchen sink in a chapter on vitality in her book Secrets of a high-heeled healer! Vitality – clean kitchen sink (OK, I am using a bit of poetic licence here, I’m leaving out the connecting tissue of her thought process: the long and the short of it is that clutter and chaos in your life robs you of your energy).

The chapter starts with a quote from F Scott Fitzgerald:

Vitality shows in not only the ability to persist but also the ability to start over.

After reading this quote, I am rather concerned that my dishes are exhibiting more vitality than I am…

But you get the point? Clutter is bad for vitality. Another aspect of clutter’s negative influence in our lives are body image (No, I am not using any poetic licence here. It’s in a section with the title: vitality vampire 1: the ‘clutter buts’). Her argument makes sense. When our wardrobes are filled with clothes in sizes we will never wear again; each time we sort through it we are reinforcing shattered dreams of sylph-like bodies or supermodel legs.

Talking about shattered dreams. Why is it that you can look yourself in the mirror every day and not see yourself quite in the same negative light as action photos of yourself on facebook? Do we look at ourselves objectively? When do we start judging our images and why?

 Maybe the real clutter robbing us of our vitality can be found in our thoughts.