Recurring patterns are a recurring pattern

We had an interesting recurring pattern/rhytm in the step class yesterday: STOMP-2-3 STOMP-2-STOMP-4-5. Much harder to explain than I anticipated…
Let’s break it down:
Say you start with the right foot: STOMP means bringing down hard/transferring all your weight to that foot on top of the step (on the left side of the step, so you’re moving on the diagonal).
-2 means giving a step with your left foot on the ground (not on the step).
-3 means giving a step with your right foot on the ground, placing yourself just right for the next movement, which is:

STOMPing now with the left foot on the right side of the step twice, which means that you need to give one step in between on the ground with your right foot, and then 2 steps on the ground again to take you back to the single STOMP-part.

It’s much easier when you see it, hear it and experience it yourself, but I’m sure you get the “sense” of what I mean :-).

In any case. On my way home from step, I had this recurring Taiko rhythm in my head: 1-2-3-4 1-2-3-4 1-2-3-4 1-2-3-4.
Use both hands and alternate: hit the table/steering wheel/what ever for each number. The bold numbers mean you hit harder.

I realise you’re busy, so let me cut to the chase: The STOMP-2-STOMP part sounds the same as the 1-2-3-4 part.

Noticing this similarity, made me aware of how big a role recurring patterns have in my life at the moment. Karate: consists of programming your body with recurring patterns of blocks and punches and kicks. Obesity: a manifestation of recurring patterns of eating in order to escape. Vocal training warming up exercises: recurring patterns of notes.

Incidently, the research proposal is progressing quite nicely… of course, corpus translation studies is the environment to investigate …. (you guessed it!) …. RECURRING PATTERNS!


I’ve found something that I actually like more than chocolates!

I never thought that I would ever hear THOSE words coming out of MY mouth. You’ll realise how strange it is when you hear WHAT it is!
You may think that the something I’m referring to has to do with sipping, as mentioned in my previous post … but you would be wrong.


I haven’t done step classes in a while, because the woman who did the step class at the gym last year just didn’t get it. I pretty sure she didn’t really like step. It showed.

I resigned myself to sticking with NIA. NIA is a combination of martial arts, dance and healing arts and gets you in touch with your inner child, as well as your feminine and spontaneous side :-). In a fun, flowery, almost hippie kind of way. (And I mean this in an exceedingly positive kind of way!). If your gym doesn’t offer NIA and you want to try it out (and you live in the vicinity of Gordon’s Bay), check out – Michele and Tanya offer classes on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

But NIA did not make my heart sing quite in the same way as did this morning’s step class. The sing-along music with the fast beat. The intricate steps. Annemare’s casual (not at all out of breath): “That was the holding pattern.” and then she goes on to complicate that holding pattern with travelling overs, straddlings and pivots to challenge even the advanced steppers.

When you sneak in a quick water break (when she says “Keep going, watch…”) and your eye catches the clock, you can’t believe only 15 minutes have passed. And then later on when you can no longer think straight and your glasses are fogged up, she says: “Now, let’s put it all together”. And then you do it and you manage to remember some sequences and fall in again without too much trouble where you don’t remember… You do the V step, the jumping jack, the A step, the straddling hamstring curl, the L step, the block step over the step, the pendulum jumps: O boy, my heart is beating faster just talking about it!

Music selection plays a role, yes. Attitude definitely plays a role. Experience plays a role. Planning plays a role. How I love it when one of Annamare’s plans come together.

But I’ll have to report back on the long-term effectiveness of step vs chocolates…